COM|POST 07/29/19: NERF, 3D Print Logging, Prototyping

I don’t think I have much detailed work on the keytar project to log this week, so I figured I’d give an update on the various things I’ve been working on this past week.



I was invited to a NERF war, and I couldn’t bring myself to just use a stock blaster, so I made some slight mods.  I changed the interior so that the cylinder flips all the way out, added some weight to the back to improve the balance a bit.  For appearances, I added a decorative sight to it (3d printed, of course), and added a bit of electrical tape on the cylinder to make it even easier to identify.  The most important functional changes for my purposes were to remove some of the gripping pieces from the edges of the slide and the cylinder release, as they were digging into my hand every time I used them.




Print Logging:

I’ve been way behind on my print logging, so I caught up on what I could remember having printed since the last time I’d logged them on Thingiverse.  You can find them here:

Ralnarene’s Makes


20190727_224041.jpg  746cd4133d7269510064ea0bd611124d_preview_card.jpg




I’ve been working through a few iterations of pieces for the keyboard tray mount.  I’ve been really happy with using AutoDesk Fusion 360, it’s given me a lot of control to update the models as I find out where I’ve measured correctly and when I find out that my assumptions were incorrect.  For the sake of print time and material I should probably make more adjustments at a time, but rapid prototypes is what 3D printing was originally for!  I’ve gotten to the point where i think the corner pieces are a pretty good fit for the keyboard.  Now I’ve got to check my distances on the filler pieces, and add mounting points.



In miscellaneous news, I can now add the kickstarter games Trogdor and Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid to my collection page, as they have finally delivered.

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