Welcome to the Sanctum

Greetings, wanderers!  You are welcome in my sanctum.  On the top bar are the blog-essential links for most blogs, for finding out more about the blog and contacting me.  On the left are links to more sub-categories, such as my cyberdeck builds, lighting projects, resource links, etc.

As the question has been raised before, when I refer to things as technomancy or myself or others as technomancers, it’s an expression of how our technology has approached levels that previous generations could only explain as magic. And I enjoy experimenting with it to see what I can do.

Thanks for stopping by, and please browse around.


My favorite builds:


My first big build, putting a Raspberry Pi into an existing Rockband 3 Keytar Controller case…. just because I can.


My competition entry for the ZeroDays 2020 cyberdeck competition, a Raspberry Pi Zero W in a fully custom 3D printed case. I’ve published the instructions, STLs, and disk images if you want to build your own.


My competition entry for VirtCon 2021’s cyberdeck competition. A Raspberry Pi 4 installed in a case that transforms between guitar mode and desktop mode.

Warp Core Table Lamp

The printed shell and light pipes are not my design, but the electronics are. I’d always wanted one of these and finally got to the point where I could make one.

CoLiDo DIY 3D Printer Upgrade

I had to make various repairs and upgrades for both quality of smaller prints and the ability to print larger pieces without warping.