Technomancer Ral, here!

I’m a geek who loves his tech hobbies.  I enjoy 3D printing, VR gaming, tabletop gaming and combining the hobbies occasionally.  Most of my 3D prints are terrain and miniatures for tabletop gaming, a few are accessories for my VR setup, and others as I come upon them.

You can find my Thingiverse page here:

About Ralnarene

My current dream project is building a warp core table lamp.

I’ve been holding off on it for a while because a variety of issues regarding printing, the key factor being that the print times are extensive and I don’t do unattended prints, especially with the occasional reports I hear of 3D printers starting fires.


Given the quote on my first page, I feel like people may wonder why I call this a Technomancer page versus a Technomage page.  In my mind, -mage implies a certain level of proficiency and mastery, and -mancer implies that someone performs a certain field but is not a standard of mastery in itself.  I do not at this time feel I can claim the level of proficiency at which I would call myself a technomage.

Current Learning Goals:



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