VR Gaming

VR games I am or have been playing:


Skyrim VR – Wizdish compatible!  I’m now finally getting around to using this for more leg exercise.

Fallout 4 VR  – Not Wizdish compatible.  😦  I really wanted to play this but once I got the treadmill, I found out that the software does not accept the input.

The Mage’s Tale – Not Wizdish compatible.  Also, a bit too dark (lighting-wise) and lonely for my tastes,

Multiplayer Social:

VR Chat – Wizdish Compatible.  I will sometimes use this as a place to wander on the treadmill for exercise, but the community is odd.

AltspaceVR – Wizdish Compatible.  Nice community, but the customization and variety is low,

Tabletop Simulator – Seems okay, particularly if I didn’t have a local gaming group or wanted to board game at odd hours.  I didn’t use it after that first time, but that was before I got the prescription lenses.  Being able to read things in the headset is important!

Rec Room

Rhythm Games:

Beat Saber- This is my go-to game for easy-start exercise (no treadmill setup).  It’s been getting upgrades and new songs recently, bringing my interest back to it.

Audioshield- This has changed relatively recently.  It used to have a wider array of customizability that was more easily accessible, but they may have gotten strikes due to copyright issues.  Less attractive to use now that I can’t use Youtube videos for the songs.

Box VR- It’s a good workout, but people with knee, leg, and/or heartburn issues, beware.  There is a lot of ducking/squatting.

Multiplayer Miscellaneous:

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Elite Dangerous

From Other Suns

Dead and Buried

Singleplayer Miscellaneous:

Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality

Raw Data

Job Simulator

The Hard Way


For a more complete listing of the games I’ve tried, here they are:

Full List of Oculus Store Titles

Full List of Steam Store Titles

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