Spraypainting Equipment

I’ve had to create another crafting setup given all the spraypainting I’ve been having to do for my projects. Here’s what I currently use, though I definitely wouldn’t call this an expert guide to what you should use.

Personal Protective Gear:


A simple cloth or dust mask does NOT block the fumes, you need something with charcoal filters. I learned this the hard way when I had to discard one mask that had a charcoal filter and tried to switch to a dust mask I had that did not have a charcoal filter. This was NOT a good idea, and I accidentally inhaled some fumes. I decided to upgrade to a proper respirator.

Safety Goggles:

This is standard practice for most of my hobby work. You never know if an accident might make paint spew at your eyes.


I don’t want to get paint on my clothes by accident.

Disposable Gloves:

This is another of my standard practices to avoid staining my hands or accidentally contaminating things.

Paint Station:

Collapsible Paint Tent:

This thing protects the surrounding area from overspray.

Drop Cloth:

Similar purpose as the tent, and allows me to set painted objects down.


Allows for easily getting all angles of an object.


I use a collapsible table to put the project area at a convenient height, so I don’t have to be in an awkward position while trying to paint a bunch of things. In this case this is my general-purpose folding project table that I move as needed for various projects.

Other Supplies:


This stuff allows for holding pieces in place on a moveable object so you can paint all angles without touching the object itself. I also occasionally use it for other stuff that needs to stick but still be removable later. It’s a common item at hobby stores.

Cardboard Trays:

I use some spare bits of cardboard to mount the small objects to so I can move them in and out of the painting tent without touching them, so I don’t mess up the surface finish unnecessarily.

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