VR Lens Lab

I can’t wear my prescription glasses inside an Oculus Rift… the headset just wasn’t designed around glasses.  Technically the glasses will fit… but my glasses lenses come into contact with the internal lenses of the headset, which is uncomfortable and risks damaging both the headset and my glasses.

So I’ve tried to do without.  My graphics card’s power was wasted on me.

The lenses built into the Oculus Rift can only adjust so much, and apparently not enough for my eyesight.

VR Lens Lab creates prescription lenses that fit in your HMD.  You input your glasses prescription into the VR Lens Lab order form, select your options, and they send you lenses that fit over the lenses in the headset.

VR Lens Lab

I highly recommend getting prescription lenses for your headset.  If you are using someone else’s headset just trying out VR, you might be able to get away with either not using your glasses or trying to fit them inside the headset, but if you have your own system you probably need to get lenses.  There are multiple vendors, and I’ve even seen 3D printable holders for them if you want to assemble your own setup with a normal prescription glasses vendor or optometrist.


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