Tabletop Gaming

I play a variety of tabletop games, and occasionally host game nights for friends.  I also DM for my FLGS’s Adventure League nights at times.


Most commonly played:

Dungeons and Dragons (yes, I DM on occasion)

Magic the Gathering

Red Dragon Inn + most expansions


My Collection:

Betrayal At House on the Hill + Widows Walk expansion



Dungeon Roll

Dwarves In Trouble

Exploding Kittens (no kittens were actually harmed in the making/playing of this game)

Forbidden Island

Ghostbusters Board Game




Ticket to Ride


Sites about boardgaming:

Board Game Geek: This is a website where you can look up boardgames.  If you create an account and log in, you can get access to the files sections for each game, which contain the rules and often fan-made supplements.  It’s particularly useful for finding quickstart rule sheets for games you haven’t played in a while.

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