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Here’s where I’m going to be collating D&D resources and information.

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My thoughts on D&D:

Starting Gear: Items for New 5E D&D Players

D&D AL Tips Part 1: At the Table

D&D AL Tips Part 2: Between Sessions

D&D AL Tips Part 3: One-Time Prep

Get To Know Your Character Sheet: Overview

Minimalist/Budget DMing


My DM-ing Kit:

DM Tools: Flatminis and Case

DM Tools: DM’s Toolbox of Holding



Dungeons and Dragons Classic Gaming Stories

I’m trying to collect links to some of these here to bring newer gamers up to date on our shared history and stories that amuse me.

The Tale of Eric and the Dread Gazebo

The Head of Vecna

Note: You will need to scroll down to the December 6, 1996 entry.

“Attempt to push the orc off the bridge” Original

Failed Intimidation

Things Mr. Welch can no longer do during an RPG


My Shelf-O-Rulebooks

For anyone starting out, this isn’t remotely required, but I kinda collect.  I’d always liked the shelf of rulebooks that my first DM had, and decided to make my own over time.

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