Electronics Assembly Kit

I’ve gotten to a point where I can’t really avoid soldering anymore, so I’ve had to put together some equipment for electronics work… and it’s about time anyway!


Soldering Iron:

A standard electronics tool used to heat solder. There are also different soldering iron tips to swap out.

Heat Gun:

Used for heating heat shrink, and I also use it to clean up stringing and surface quality on 3D prints.

Helping Hands:

Used to hold items that you are soldering, so that you don’t have to hold the item and solder at the same time. This one has a magnifying glass, but I don’t find it too helpful. I may have to get a magnifier lamp or jeweler’s magnifiers in the future.

Wire Strippers:

I’ve got these in two different sizes for different diameters of wires.

Flush Cutters:

These are for trimming the leads off of components on circuit boards.

Crimping Tool:

This allows for the use of solderless connectors.


These are useful for prototyping circuit layouts before committing to soldering.


For when you need to check voltage, amperage, or resistance in circuits.

Tool Caddy:

This one may seem a bit odd to bother listing, but it means I can grab one container to put on an outdoor workbench and get to work without having to grab a bunch of individual tools. Doesn’t have room for parts, though.


I store most of these separately from the tool caddy, as they can vary more from project to project.

Heat Shrink:

Plastic sheathes to slide over wires, and then shrink under heat to insulate soldered connections.

Crimp Connectors:

These allow for solderless connections, and with some of these the wires can be detached and reattached for maintenance items.


Pretty obviously needed. I use a rosin core lead-based solder. I have to make sure to wash my hands thoroughly after I touch the solder because of the lead. There are lead-free solders, but from what I’ve been told they don’t work as easily as the ones with lead in them.


Some of it is for prototyping on the breadboard, some is for the actual install. I’ve got a few different kinds for different purposes… and some of them happened to come with kits.

Personal Protective Equipment:

Safety Glasses:

Standard safety item number one. Just in case anything goes flying at your eyes, like cut wires or solder.


This may seem a bit weird to put under this subheading, but a properly placed fan keeps the toxic fumes away from my lungs.

Workspace Protection:

Heat resistant mat:

This silicone mat prevents the hot solder droplets from hitting the work surface, so that it doesn’t get scarred or ignite anything.

Soldering Iron Stand:

A safe spot to put the soldering iron down without damaging things. It also has a built in pad for cleaning the tip.

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