Maker Links

Links to Maker resources. This is as much for my reference as it is for yours. I hope to keep adding to this as I find resources.

Adafruit: Manufacturers of the Raspberry Pi and a lot of other electronics for making your own custom electronics

Creative Commons : These guys are big on promoting open source development. I mostly just know them from providing a standardized open source licensing system for intellectual property. If you are going to do much 3D printing and some other maker activities, I highly recommend getting familiar with their licensing system. Particularly make sure you know how to recognize their No Derivatives and Non-Commercial licensing tags so you don’t run afoul of them.

The Cyberdeck Cafe:  This is a page for a group of people building  their own cyberdecks inspired by the works of Gibson and other cyberpunk authors/media creators.  The makers over at the Cyberdeck Discord associated with this website have been extremely helpful and supportive with my cyberdeck and other 3D printing/electronics builds.

Make: : Here’s a place to get information and get ideas about the Maker movement.

Maker Faire : This is where you can find Maker Faires that are being planned in various areas, where people meet to show off what they make, advertise their services, network, and get ideas for future projects.

Makerspaces This site seems to give a good rundown on what makerspaces are, a shop for finding kits and projects for your own makes, and help people to start their own makerspaces.

Shapeways: This is a site where you can find 3D models, some free and some for a price. You can also order the objects to be 3D printed through their services on the site.

Thingiverse: A site where a lot of free 3D printable models are hosted. The site is run by Makerbot, a 3D printer manufacturer. They use the Creative Commons open source licensing system.

MakeTabletop: I haven’t really vetted this one yet, but its a site for models for tabletop minis, and appears to use the same Creative Commons licenses I’m familiar with.

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