3D Printing

I mostly 3D print gaming accessories for my table, particularly for Dungeons and Dragons games, though I am expanding a bit more to other things every now and then.  Here are the tools I use to create my prints.

I do NOT claim to be an expert in the subject, just a… I guess I’d call myself a “middle-adopter” of the technology.  I’ve been watching the technology for a while, and got my first 3D printer a couple years ago, but not in the early days by any means, just earlier than my friends and the general public.

Getting Started:

If you are just getting started in 3D printing and looking for information, please look here for what I’ve put together so far.  I hope to be expanding this periodically with more resources.

Getting Started With 3D Printing



Monoprice Select Mini Pro

Monoprice sales image



Slicers and Control Software:





Miscellaneous Topics:

Tools of the Trade

3D Printer Maintenance

3D Printer Shopping

3D Printing and Postprocessing Safety

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