Online Viewing

Here’s some of the sci-fi/fantasy I watch or read online.



Schlock Mercenary  A daily webcomic, following the future mercenary company Tagon’s Toughs and their misadventures throughout the galaxy.  It get’s it’s name from Schlock, an amorphous shapeshifting character, a carbosilicate amorph whose favorite weapons are plasma cannons… which he likes to use as rocket engines.

The Whiteboard  A frequently updating comic, following the shenanigans of Doc, an anthropomorphic polar bear who nominally runs a paintball shop.  Also, brews his coffee and his own Mountain Dew with nuclear reactors, and has his pizza delivered via teleport he installed at the pizza place.

Order of the Stick  This is a long-running Dungeons and Dragons webcomic. Great for binge-reading a humorous story drawn in stick-figure style, though it doesn’t update as frequently as it did previously.

Goblins – Life Through Their Eyes This is another long-running Dungeons and Dragons webcomic, this time written mostly from the perspective of a group of goblins that was about to be attacked by a band of adventurers… and all the hijinks that followed as the goblins become adventurers themselves.

XKCD  Obligatory geeky stick-figure webcomic.  This one is not serialized like the others, done more like a newspaper comic that jumps from topic to topic.


Online Novels:

Deathworlders  Think of all the science fiction stories where mankind made first contact, and we found out that not only were we not alone in the universe, the other beings were in many ways our superior.  Apparently the aliens also thought this would be the case… until a human bartender beat their scariest foes to death with their own limbs.  This story originated as a 4chan post, and then the writer expanded on it when he later found out it was popular.  Note:  it appears that they are rewriting their website at this time, hopefully it will settle down soon.


Video Series:

TableTop A show hosted by Wil Wheaton, where he invites people to play various tabletop games, explaining many of the rules in the process.

Acquisitions Incorporated the Complete Series A series of podcasts and filmed games with the writers/artists of Penny-Arcade, PVP, Wil Wheaton, Patrick Rothfuss, Chris Perkins, and others playing Dungeons and Dragons.  Their website is here: Acquisitions Incorporated

Puffin Forest This guy makes short animated videos about various things that have happened in role-playing games he’s been in.  Funny stuff.

Game Theorists  This is a channel with a number of youtubers who make shows out of their theories about the stories in video games, tv, and movies, but as the name indicates it was first about the games.  The guy whose face is on the channel is MatPat, and he’s how I got into seeing these.  He’s most well known for his videos on the Five Nights At Freddy’s theories, which explain what he thinks is the story behind the game… with frequent revisions as the game designer keeps releasing new books and games.

UpIsNotJump  This guy has interesting coments on gaming on his channel, and a number of them are about his various VR experiences.  Usually with a theme of “________ Is A Nightmare – This is Why”.

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