3D Modeling

First off, in case you were interested to see what models I’ve designed/remixed on Thingiverse, here they are:

Ral’s Designs

I’ve used the following tools so far for modelling:

Microsoft 3D Builder: This is my go-to application that comes with Windows 10 for free.  It has simple tools for manipulating 3D models, and has a (mostly) easy-to-use repair feature that can fix non-manifold models for you.  I have been having difficulty with that method lately, but in the past it has been helpful.

TinkerCAD: TinkerCAD is a simple online 3D modelling software.  I haven’t used it much, but it’s what I used to make my thopter token model.

Thopter Token on Thingiverse

AutoDesk Fusion 360: I originally learned AutoCAD/AutoDesk of various versions in high school drafting.  I’m still learning this version, though.  It’s at least closer to the modelling systems I originally learned (and at one point taught) than the others.


I’ve heard the following recommended, but I haven’t learned it yet:

Blender: Apparently this is a powerful software that is useful for 3D models for printing AND for making models for games.  Neat.

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