Sanctum Upgrades: PPE Wall

I’m trying something new.  I thought I’d start breaking down some of the updates that clutter my other posts, particularly in the realm of trying to make my sanctum work better for me.  Maybe these will give you guys some ideas of how to customize your sanctums for the way you work.

This week’s upgrade: my Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) wall.


Starting simply, I was fed up with the way I had my gear stored at/on my workbench.  Several items kept ending up on the bench or in my toolbox, which gets in the way.  I went to my old favorite for problem solving around here:  command strips.  I found a section of wall I wasn’t using for anything, added some command hooks for several items, and 3D printed a modified version of a mount for safety glasses.  I mounted everything with command strips, spacing everything out to be accessible.

Potential enhancements:  I still need a spot for my welding goggles and box of disposable gloves.  I haven’t figured out where or how I want to mount those yet.

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