Monoprice Select Mini Pro Maintenance

My printer has been sounding a bit odd lately, so I figured I probably needed to do some maintenance on it.  This is the main/most appropriate video that I referenced before getting started.  No, it’s not mine, but it was very helpful.

Yes, I have a slightly different model (the monoprice select mini pro, rather than a v1 or v2), but it’s essentially the same printer.  Having watched the video, I almost wish the newer model still used the knob instead of the touchscreen.  Big fingers on a tiny touchscreen is not always the best.

I mostly ended up just blowing everything out with some canned air, and lubricated all the moving contact points.  The stuff in the vertical column is hard to reach.  I don’t think I’ve used precisely the correct lubricants, but they are what I had on hand from working on my other 3d printer previously.  I used white lithium grease in a spray can (with a straw on it) for the inaccessible pieces, and sewing machine oil on the accessible parts.  Cleared up the squeaking on one of the belt pulleys right away.  I still need to do some prints to test out whether it’s made the sounds that bothered me go away, and work the lubricant onto the surfaces.

Here’s what the printer looks and sounds like after I’ve done my maintenance.

The little spinny satellite dish is what I used as a test print after maintenance.  It amuses me.  If you want one, you can find the file here:

Monoprice Select Mini Rotating Communication Dish

The printer still seems to make a few noises that slightly concern me, but I’m not concerned enough that I need to take action.  The fan on the print head makes a bit more noise than it should sometimes, which I can usually quiet by tapping on it.  I’ve seen some people recommend lubricating it… but I don’t see a point that I can get the lube onto, even after pulling it off the print head!  I’ll have to consider this further.

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