Heroforge Printed and Painted

So, I just got this back yesterday from a friend of mine who painted it for me (I print things, I don’t paint things, at least not yet).  This is a custom mini for one of my wizard characters that I designed and bought from Heroforge.

I never would have attempted this on my old printer, but I managed to do this on my Monoprice Select Mini Pro.  I think it came out pretty dang well.

And then I had to get a small foam-lined case to protect the few printed minis I have.  I don’t want this one’s paint job to get damaged like my dwarf mini.  It should be fine; it has the seal of approval from the Imperium of Man.

Go figure I didn’t get to play him last night, though.  Two wizards and a ranger are not the best mix in the middle of the Dungeon of the Mad Mage.

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