The Snapmaker is a 3D printer that recently came out of a Kickstarter, and is now available for purchase off-the-shelf.  I’ve had my on it for a while… but it appears I haven’t posted about it on here yet.  So here goes!


It’s a 3D printer, laser engraver, and CNC miller all in one machine!  You can snap in and snap out the interchangeable manufacturing heads, depending on which one you want to use.  It’s a bundle of 3 different machining systems commonly found in Makerspaces, and should be great for those of us who don’t have the space and money to get all of those.  It’s got a full metal frame, and the modular design allows for it to be reconfigured and upgraded with parts that they will be adding later.

The featured image shows the current iteration, but they’ve got a few others they have shown that they are planning for down the road.  Personally, I’m waiting for what I believe is called the Snapmaker Pro (I got the name from a page that I’ve had trouble tracking down again, but it’s not listed as such on the main site).  It has a two vertical column design, which I think should be more precise and stable, and a larger production area.  I don’t feel like downsizing from my current print area available on the Colido DIY.


I contacted the manufacturer to see when this would be available, and they said it would be towards the end of this year, so this might be a Christmas present to myself!

Not sure how I’m going to handle ventilation with it yet (particularly with the CNC aspect), but I’ve already got a couple project ideas.  Hopefully I won’t meet with a terrible fate in the process…


I think it’d be fun to do a cosplay of the Happy Mask Salesman… with actual wooden masks.

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