So, I kept getting spammed with this item on Facebook (it apparently knows me well).


I’ve also been watching videos similar to this one (I’m having trouble locating the original).

It made me wonder:

Could we combine these tech (and a lot of coding) to make an augmented reality collaborative workbench that splices AR and VR?


Steps in the process as I see it:

Rig a portion of a workbench to create realtime 3D tracking of the contents of a given area.

Show the 3D representation of that area in a collaborative VR workspace (example: VR Chat)

Avatars in VR chat point at various details on the items on the workbench.

The Spatial screen system renders their avatar’s hands on the workbench in their relative positions/orientations.

Based on the video above, you may also allow them to demonstrate assembly procedures with renderings of other parts.


A standardized version of this would allow you to get useful help from other makers at other locations while working on your projects.

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