Sanctum Upgrades: Pencil Cups

This is actually two items, but they are similar enough I felt I should lump them together.  I got tired of finding writing utensils everywhere in my living room (I’ve been working out of there a lot while my desktop computer was down).  I also got tired of having to dig around in the top of my toolbox for my 3D printing spatulas.

As a 3D printing guy… when you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail.  Or in this case, I’m not gonna buy a pencil cup when I have a 3d printer, time, and excess material lying around anyway.

I printed a pencil cup for the pencils and pens, and modified a dice tower model into a tool holder/pencil cup for the spatulas.  I figured I wanted something thematically appropriate for such items in my sanctum.

20200504_004144 (1).jpg 20200504_004023 (1).jpg

If you want to make your own, you can find the models here:

Dodecahedron Cup (by Jayrobox)

Cyberpunk Tool/Pen/Pencil Cup (a remix by me)

In case you are wondering how that obviously top-heavy tool holder is staying up, I used a bit of tacky to secure it to the work bench.  This stuff:


It’s some stuff I originally bought to hold items in place for painting, but it is useful for securing things in general.  As a kid I remember using a blue version of this for posters and craft projects.

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