Educational Games

With all these people (and especially kids) having to stay home due to you-know-what, I thought I’d make a list of games with educational value to occupy their time.

The list is short for now, as this isn’t something I usually look up, but I’ll try to keep adding things to this post as I keep looking around a bit every so often.  You can probably find some more games that are both fun and educational if you look around a bit.


The current list only contains games from the Steam Store.


All Ages:

Math Rescue and Word Rescues:  These ones are classics that I grew up on.  Helps kids learn spelling and progress through some simple mathematics.

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego:  Learn about global geography as you track down Carmen Sandiego.  This one is a new one, releasing March 16th!!!!  Finally, a new one!

Kerbal Space Program:  Silly Minion-like creatures going to space, with you controlling their space program.  Learning about astronautics along the way.



Slightly older kids:

Hack ‘n’ Slash:  This is a game that teaches programming as a mechanic in a hack and slash style adventure game.  You can reprogram things from within the game in order to get through the levels.

PC Building Simulator:  Learn how to build and repair PCs.  Useful technical skills.  Includes real-world parts.

Epistory:  A game that teaches typing, where typing allows you to progress through a story by typing the words over interactable items and enemies.


For those with VR:

HoloLAB Champions:  It teaches laboratory practices from within VR.

There are a number of applications that allow you to view museum and art galleries in VR.

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