Printer Back Online

I was having some issues with getting files to transfer to my Monoprice Select Mini Pro, but I finally figured it out… the microSD card appears to have been full for some reason, with a possible glitch with the cache file.  I cleared some space by removing the Cura install file, and removed the erroneous cache file.

Here are some of the things I’ve been printing with it.  I figured I’d start filling out a collection of archetypal minis.  These are all from Valandar’s models on Thingiverse.  I’m running through a few of them.  The gnome bard was the first one, and I’m wondering if I’ve somehow introduced a calibration error, slicing error, or just the filament had been left out too long.  Anyway, I’ve got a bit more cleanup to do on these, but I think they are coming out alright.

Gnome Bard Front.jpg

Gnome Bard

Barbarian Front.jpg

Buzzcut Barbarian


Grumpy Ranger




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