Snapmaker 2 Kickstarter Upcoming!

I’ve mentioned before the Snapmaker 3D printer, which is a combination of a 3D printer, a laser engraver, and a CNC milling machine.  As  I mentioned at the time, the original model is smaller than my current printer and would require me to downsize my printable area (assuming I’m replacing rather than supplementing my current printer).  I’ve also gotten the impression that a 3D printer with a single z-axis column is prone to having vibration issues.  They had teased an image of a two column model that they were going to release down the road, but had not provided a lot of information about it.

Well, that’s changed.

Somewhat recently they have announced that they are going to start a Kickstarter campaign for the Snapmaker 2.  The Snapmaker 2 is their blanket term for their next generation, which has upgraded components across the board.  It also includes three sizes of printers you can get.

As you can see, the larger two sizes have the two column design I want, which should be more stable and provide a larger build area.  I haven’t decided which of those two I’ll eventually want, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to be getting one of those two at some point.

This new generation appears to be loaded with features, including auto-leveling, wi-fi control, filament sensors, power-loss detection and recovery, and more.  That’s a hell of an improvement over my Colido DIY which is almost completely manually operated.  I look forward to being able to get more reliable prints that I can run wirelessly and not require a computer to be plugged directly into it.

I’m looking forward to learning more, and hopefully getting my hands on one of these sturdy multipurpose fabbing machines.  Gonna get busy building with one of these!

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