Red Dragon Inn Expansions: Tavern Crew and Munchkin

Two of the Kickstarters I funded came in recently.  I’m a huge fan of the Red Dragon Inn series of games.  The most recent kickstarters were for adding the crew of the tavern, and a crossover with the Munchkin universe.  Red Dragon Inn 7 adds the wench, the barkeep, the bouncer, and the stablemaster to join in the fun of the evening.

cd977019e801d334b9badb4a92efa555_original.pngThe Munchkin expansion adds Spyke and Flower, the characters from Munchkin.  They’re here to fight monsters, get treasure, and drink everyone under the table.


It’s looking like I’ll be able to have one of my game days this weekend, and I’ll get to try them out!

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