Ghostbusters VR

A Ghostbusters VR game is coming to PC!  I’ve been a Ghostbuster fan for many years.  The cartoons were some of my favorites growing up, I loved the movies (when I was old enough to not run away from the librarian), and I even have a couple proton packs on the wall (to be fair, they are storebought, not handmade screen-accurate).  It’s also one of the franchises I’ve most wanted to play in VR.

I just found out about this this week because they released it for PSVR first, which I don’t monitor.  I had been doing searches periodically for Ghostbusters VR content, and hadn’t seen anything.

Anyway, IT’S COMING TO PC on July 27th.  Not much longer to go!

It’s based on the new Ghostbusters movie, but it is based out of the firehouse (which they moved into at the end of the movie).  I’m looking forward to having a new Ghostbusters game!  From what I’ve seen of it, you start out as a new hire at the firehouse, and they are releasing episodes of content over time.

I’ll definitely be posting more on this once I have a copy of it.

Ghostbusters Is Hiring

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