The Yawning Portal

Given the Tales from the Yawning Portal hardcover, and that the next upcoming hardcovers involve Waterdeep, I’m considering the idea of building a model of the Yawning Portal Tavern itself as a jumping off point for players at the local game store for adventure league.  Here’s the map from 4e:


If I were to build this, it’d probably be from the wall behind the bar to the right side, as the other rooms are not likely as critical for most adventures.  I already have stockpiled the files for most of the trimmings in a tavern, though it will take a bit of print time.

I also need to consider a couple things:

What do I want to make the base out of?

How will I make and grid the floor?

How much of it do I want to be moveable items vs fixed items?

Can I make a cover for the well to act as a stage if I want it to stand in for another tavern?

One thought on “The Yawning Portal”

  1. I’ve dropped the idea of building the Yawning Portal tavern. The campaign we are playing does not spend much time at all in the Yawning Portal, aside from occasional forays by one character to meet a contact of his or put out requests for a larger pool of other adventurers.


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