Keytar Cyberdeck

Let’s start with the premise:

Cyberpunk is often very heavily 80s themed.

While viewing and reading about Cyberpunk 2077 when a trailer came out in 2019, someone mentioned the concept of “rockers” as a class in the pen and paper RPG.

I’m a fan of deckers in cyberpunk, and got the idea of playing a decker in an RPG who hides in plain sight as a musician with his deck disguised as the most 80s of instruments, a keytar.

Then I realized I could probably build one.

I do like my electronics, and I have a 3D printer and modelling software for custom components, so, why the hell not?

I knew I’d start with a raspberry pi as the computer in it, and searched to find an appropriate keytar to gut and convert into a cyberdeck. Eventually I found a Rock Band 3 keytar controller at a thrift store, which seemed the perfect portable size.

Unopened Keytar

After a lot of 3D modelling, 3D printing, painting, modifying the case, etc, I’ve made a lot of progress on it.


Right now it doesn’t do much more than exist as an odd raspberry pi casemod, but it is portable. Also, to fit with the theme, I have a belt amp that plugs into it (I had to add an adapter) for me to play MP3s out of it, so I guess it’s a really inefficient MP3 player, but it also fits the original concept.


I’m still working away at this thing, as I have a lot of improvements and plans for it, but I thought it was past time it got it’s own dedicated section of my blog, not just the update posts.

You can find the related blog posts logging my progress here:

My STLs are posted on Thingiverse, here:

Warning: I am not sure if all these files are up-to-date and fit. If you use these files you may find that they don’t fit precisely. I know the connectors between pieces are loose, but there was also a bit where I was iterating quickly and didn’t document well.  At some point I want to go back and make sure all the files are correct, but that is a tedious task I do not have time for at the moment.


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