Sanctum Upgrades: Card Protection/Organization

Sometimes I spend… quite a bit of money on games.  Some of them I’m not sure how long they will stay in print, and in any case, they would be expensive to replace.  In this case, here’s my copy of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid (and all of the existing expansions), or at least the cards for it.

In cases like this, I recommend protecting your investment.  Card sleeves are your friend, as many a collectible card gamer can tell you.  They protect the cards, allowing the game to last a lot longer (and protect resell value).  This game has some larger cards, but I found out they were tarot size, so there are card sleeves for those, too!

Another issue for games like this is that there are hundreds of cards, belonging to many different decks.  There are decks for each different ranger, each different monster, each minion, etc.  If they were to get jumbled together, it would be extremely tedious and time consuming to find what I wanted.  On top of that, these originally came out of about a dozen different boxes.

With the plethora of card games out there these days, it is easy to find a card sorter box, and get dividers for the cards.  I sorted the cards out by type, divided the decks, and labelled the dividers.  This facilitates much faster game nights, since people won’t have to sort through hundreds of cards to find the character they want to play.

With a setup like this, my game should last a long time, and be much faster and easier to set up.   I highly recommend doing this with similar games to save yourself alot of headaches, and keep the momentum going at game nights.

Long setup times can kill the excitement of a game night, and I’d hate to be known for hosting a preventably bad game night experience.

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