World of Warcraft – Classic

I, like a number of gamers, decided to give WoW classic a shot.  If you’re interested in meeting up with me, I’m a dwarf named Odrek on the Atiesh server.  Those who know my gaming history know that Odrek is my dwarf fighter who has been around in 1st and 5th editions of Dungeons and Dragons, and I thought it appropriate to add another world to his slowly growing multiverse.

The graphics may be old, and some of the gameplay clunky, but I’m finding it rather charming at the moment, with a decent amount of verisimilitude with regards to the distances one would travel in such a world.

I don’t know why, but I’ve always enjoyed the process of levelling up a character, perhaps moreso than playing an endgame character at times.  While I’m making the climb, I have goals to strive towards.  New skills and armor tiers to unlock!

Since I was spending so much time walking in-game, I was considering hooking my VR treadmill up to it, so I’d get some exercise alongside my character.  I could really go for a VR interface in this game!  I love the feel and art style.  I mentioned this to the devs in the forums, and they said it would be questionable whether such an activity would get my account banned, and I’d much rather not have that happen, so I haven’t got that hooked up.
Anyway, back to the level grind!

General Updates:

I’ve sent my 3D printer in for replacement, finally!  Looking forward to getting back to work on the keytar and some other stuff that’s been queueing up.

I’ve ordered business cards, so I won’t have to keep writing down the contact info on bits of paper anymore!  I’ll try to keep some handy, as I keep running across people who perk up when I mention that I do 3D printing, especially in conjunction with tabletop gaming.

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