Preliminary Learning Goals

I want to up my game with my technomancy, so it’s time to educate myself more. This list is not fully prioritized or paced yet, but here’s what I currently have my eye on:

Raspberry Pi: I’d like to build a few projects using a Raspberry Pi, but I haven’t gotten around to doing one yet. There are all sorts of cool cases that can be 3D printed for them…. now I just need to find a use case for it.

Simplify3D: I need to learn how to make full used of this slicer software. I’ve been doing pretty well with it, but I recently found out that I’ve been doing something suboptimally, which costs more in print material, wear and tear, and most especially in time. Learning the software more thoroughly should help me save time and be able to print more.

Autodesk Fusion 360: I need to up my 3D modelling game for mechanical parts. I’ve got designs in my head, but I’m still unfamiliar enough with this software that it’s not always easy to render them quickly.

Potential Training:

OBS Studio: I’d like to share some of my gaming, particularly my VR gaming. Letting people see what I see in the hobby. Who knows, I might start posting some videos on a few topics I find interesting.

Potential Training:

Blender: For designing 3D models for prints and for possible game design.

Potential Training:

Unity Engine: For programming games in VR later.

Potential Training:

VR Game Design: I’ve got a couple game concepts I’d like to try to make.

Potential Training:

SCA Fencing Recertification: I used to be certified to fight in SCA fencing combat, but I didn’t attend for a while for various reasons. I want to start going to practice again, and re-up my certification.

Relevance: Gotta be ready when you run out of spell slots.

Japanese Language: I want to visit Japan at some point. I don’t wanna be fully dependent on my tech to navigate and survive. … and yes, it would be nice to be able to understand anime that hasn’t been dubbed in English without reading subtitles.

Relevance: Tech is great, but you gotta be able to survive if it doesn’t work properly.

One thought on “Preliminary Learning Goals”

  1. Ohaiyo gozaimasu! I studied Japanese at uni but that was a very, very long time ago, and ‘hello’ is about all I remember. Learning a language is a major undertaking. Good luck. 🙂


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