Beat Saber Updates

Beat Saber has recently put out some updates that couldn’t have come at a better time for me.

I use Beat Saber as my preferred mode of exercise nowadays, and I had gotten kinda tired of playing the same songs over and over again.  Also, I had one set of settings that seemed to really work for me, but it got very repetitive.

Beat Saber has added new songs for free, a new set of songs for sale, and a campaign mode!  The new songs definitely bring more playability back to the game, and the campaign mode mixes it up.

The campaign also finally gives a decent tutorial to the game.  I saw that there were different point values assigned to the hits I was scoring on the blocks, but had not seen an explanation for what criteria went into the scoring.  Now I know how, and I’ve been practicing for score somewhat, so I’m getting new high scores.

The campaign also adds a wide variety of new challenges.  It changes up the standard settings, and adds weird requirements.  Examples are:

  • Move your arms 100 meters (you have to move your arms in the widest motions possible while still beating the level)
  • DON’T move your arms more than 50 meters (move your arms as little as possible)
  • You have a maximum of misses and miscuts
  • DON’T get a combo of more than 25

The one I’m currently daunted by has a minimum combo length AND a maximum combo length.  Particularly challenging with the barriers occasionally obscuring the current combo counter.

Right now I am enjoying playing solo mode with the new songs the most.  I get some new challenges and variety, and a good workout.

Keep it up, Beat Saber, and keep adding new content!

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