Sansar Update

I’m giving Sansar another stab.  I’ve tried it a bit before, but at the time it seemed to give me headaches.  I also had issues with intermittent movement when trying to use my treadmill with it.  I would start moving in the world, but it would quickly slow and stop my character.  I did enjoy that they made a couple of locations from Ready Player One in it.

They’ve recently added a quest system.  I’m not sure how extensive it is or planned to be, but it’s definitely more of an incentive to play.  Having a goal in a game is more likely to keep me invested.  You add the quest, fulfill the quest, then earn some in-game money.

In VRChat, you have whatever assets you’ve uploaded or have temporarily borrowed from another location (the avatars, for example).  In Sansar, to get new things you have to spend the coin in-game (unless you are creating content, but I don’t know how that works yet).

I do still have a biiiit of an issue that I’m working with their customer support on (hello, Garth!).  When I start moving forward in the game, I continue in a straight line no matter which way my head (and the headset) is facing at the time.  Thankfully, their support staff responds quickly, as I have already gotten a response from the email I sent on Friday about the issue.

I haven’t noticed headache issues yet this time, but my playtime has been limited by the frustration with the locomotion system.  Hopefully we’ll get this resolved quickly.  I also hope that we get some good quests added to the list in the future.  I recommend adding a quest board.  My preference would be to have a brief description of quests visible in the form of flyers on the board, and interacting with them to get more information with an option to accept after reading it.  I also recommend putting some variety in there to get people to explore the content (if it’s do-able).  “Go to the X world.”  “Stab a target dummy on X world with a sword.”  Stuff that involves going places, and if the detection can be done right, interacting with things that you have to go find in those worlds.

I’m looking forward to exploring those worlds more on my treadmill.  Sansar is the VR-compatible successor to Second Life, and I know that I enjoyed running around there with my mouse and keyboard.

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