Status Update 12/1/18

Okay, so it’s been a little while since I’ve updated this.  Here’s a bit of what has been going on:

My gaming rig began malfunctioning.  My 3d printer tried to catch fire and eat itself.  Also a holiday got it the way, with me having to rely on my unreliable tablet.

I’ve since been working to rectify this situation.

The gaming rig was unstable.  It would often not start up, take a long time starting up, or have issues in the reverse direction; it wouldn’t shut down at times.  I also kept seeing messages about memory being faulty and drives needing repair.  It turns out that I had at least two separate issues going on, though there may have been more that got caught up in the diagnostics, troubleshooting programs, virus scans, and updates that I used in the process of trying to fix things.

Issue 1: My RAM was going bad.

Issue 2: My secondary SSD was malfunctioning.

Now that I’ve replaced the RAM and removed the secondary SSD from the system, thr computer seems to be running fine.

For the printer, that involved replacing the print head assembly.  It was mostly straightforward.  The worst part of that was that I had to remove the old rewiring, and put the new wiring in.  The cables were wrapped to deal with wear and tear, so I had to unwrap them, pull out the wires, put the new ones in, rewrap, and zip tie them.  Not so much difficult as tedious and time consuming,

I’ve also gotten a new laptop so I won’t be without one on trips.  I may end up having to review it on here soon.

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