New Chair o’Gaming

My old throne was getting rather worn.. to the point that it was shedding little bits of material all the time, making my floors look dirty and making me feel like I was taking terrible care of my place.

So I finally upgraded.  I wanted arms that could flip up so my chair would fit better under my desk or to the side when I’m setting up for VR.

My hope had been that I could use the mounts I had 3D-printed for the HOTAS setup on this chair.  Sadly, they don’t fit, and I’m not going to ruin my chair by trying to force them.  I’ll have to look into alternate arrangements.  The adjustments and the arms on the chair make using the HOTAS on my desk a gain look promising, as I can slide closer without the arms interfering.

For anyone who wants to know, the chair comes from Staples.  It comes in 4 color options: blue, red, green, and gray, and they are all currently $100 off online ($70 off in store).

Staples Gaming Chair

Standard Disclaimer:  None of the post was sponsored by anyone.  I just like this chair.

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