June 13th VR Update

Current status with VR gaming:

Altspace VR:  Works with the treadmill easily, just doesn’t have enough content to hold my attention yet.

VR Chat:  Finally appears to be working with my Wizdish treadmill without running backwards, but only time will tell.  Also, using the Rift microphone at the same time is requiring some tweaking.  I have to click the middle of the microphone volume slider and quickly jump out of the menu for me to be heard.  But so far I can move around again!

Skyrim VR:  Appears to be working pretty well.  Not much more to be said on that until I get a chance to spend more time in it.

Sairento VR:  Before purchasing it last week, I emailed the developers about support for the treadmill.  They said that it would be in the next patch!  I got an email this morning letting me know it was in the patch today, and it was!  This game looks like it’s going to be awesome, I just haven’t had much time to spend on it yet.  Bullet-time running around with swords and pistols looks like it’s gonna be fun!  Once I found the right setting in the menu, the treadmill started working quickly, so now I can move around more easily.

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