VR Blogging

I’m trying something new right now.  I’ve been having issues when I had to deal with typing anything in when I was in VR, either with the controller interface, or trying to awkwardly get to the keyboard while on the treadmill.

Well, no more!  (Hopefully)

Being the somewhat ridiculous guy I am, I have taped a keyboard to the gate mounted on the side of my treadmill!  Now I can access a reasonable keyboard more easily from within VR.  Still have to get used to using this particular one, as it is setup a bit differently from my normal keyboard, and I’m using it blind.

So far, it seems okay, as this is my first blog post from within VR!

I am hoping to come up with a better solution soon, though.  The keyboard will probably get in the way of some games as it is currently mounted.  At some point I want to come up with a 3d printed mount that swings the keyboard into position when I need it.

Now… to test it in normal use!

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