Ready Player One

I’ve loved the book ever since I was introduced to it… to the point that I own it both in print form and in audiobook form, as read by Wil Wheaton.  When I read it, I tend to devour the book quickly.  Yes, it has it’s flaws and plot holes, but it’s a wild ride.  Ever since I heard they were making a movie, I’ve wanted to see it.

When it came out, I went to see it as soon as I could… and loved it!

One caveat:  This is NOT a literal representation of the book.  It is a pretty good representation of the spirit of the book.

If you watch it in that light, it is GREAT.  It’s filled with geeky/pop culture easter eggs to the point that many scenes are almost a Where’s Waldo of references.  I’ll have to watch this movie repeatedly to catch a lot more of them, especially the battle scenes.  The scenes were filled with movie references, video game characters (Tracer, Halo Spartans, Starcraft Characters, WOW characters), all interacting with one another.

Image result for ready player one spartans

Also, one of my favorite ships, Serenity, makes more than one appearance, and one of them is a key part of a scene.  Here is the non-spoiler one:

Image result for ready player one firefly

Incidentally, it’s also my opinion of the movie.  This was a fun ride through geek/pop culture, and I WILL be buying it on blu-ray.


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