Project Update 11/6/19: The Scratchening

The Scratchening: This last weekend I was attempting to “improve” my keytar case paint job.  There were some blobs of paint from how I had painted the first couple coats.  I thought I was following the advice of some other people (particularly the Cyberdeck discord, yes, it’s a thing). Apparently I failed. I sanded the … Continue reading Project Update 11/6/19: The Scratchening

PROJECT UPDATE 09/25/19: The Return of the Keytar

Okay, so it’s been a while since I had made some progress on my keytar cyberdeck build, mostly because my 3D printer had broken down and I had to send it in for replacement.  As seen in last week’s post, I have the printer back and I was testing it out with some other prints … Continue reading PROJECT UPDATE 09/25/19: The Return of the Keytar

Maker Links

Links to Maker resources. This is as much for my reference as it is for yours. I hope to keep adding to this as I find resources. Adafruit: Manufacturers of the Raspberry Pi and a lot of other electronics for making your own custom electronics Creative Commons : These guys are big on promoting open … Continue reading Maker Links


Technomancer Ral, here! I’m a geek who loves his tech hobbies.  I enjoy 3D printing, electronics, VR gaming, tabletop gaming and occasionally combining the hobbies.  Most of my 3D prints were originally terrain and miniatures for tabletop gaming, a few are accessories for my VR setup, and others as I came upon them.  Later I’ve … Continue reading About

Welcome to the Sanctum

Greetings, wanderers!  You are welcome in my sanctum.  On the top bar are the blog-essential links for most blogs, for finding out more about the blog and contacting me.  On the left are links to more sub-categories, such as my cyberdeck builds, lighting projects, resource links, etc. As the question has been raised before, when … Continue reading Welcome to the Sanctum